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Application of an Air Louver in Attics, Doors and Windows

A louver is used for allowing air and light to pass through a vent and at the same time minimizing the entry of debris and/or birds and animals. There are several applications in which an air louver is used such as controlling attic ventilation. There are several different styles, shapes, sizes and designs available for various residential and industrial uses.

Outdated Roof Louvers

The modern air louver has replaced the use of a stack style housing that was previously used to allow smoke to escape while doubling as a source for blocking rain from entering the dwelling. The older style of louver resembled a lantern in size and shape. This was placed on an angle on roof slats. The placement at an angle was done so with intentions of keeping out rain while allowing air to flow.

Modern Air Louvers

A modern air louver is used for the same concept of allowing air in and keeping elements out, however, the new style is manufactured from various materials including plastic, wood and metals. The modern louvers are installed in an exterior wall of the attic and allow fresh air in and stale air out. The slats on the louver can be adjusted to allow for more or less air to escape or enter.

Louvered Wooden Doors

It is not uncommon for an air louver to be installed in doors. Wooden doors typically contain a louver that is installed in the lower half of the door and is made from small, permanently positioned slats. The small slats allow for sufficient airflow, while maintaining security and privacy. For pre-existing wooden doors without louvers, installation is quick and easy.

Louvered Glass Doors

In areas with warm weather climates, glass louvered doors are quite common. The louver in a glass door takes up the space on the majority of the door and the slats are typically made from frosted or clear glass. The slats on a glass door usually have a hand crank that can open or close the slats. Many homes with a "Florida" room or enclosed porch will have louvered glass doors for adding ventilation while maintaining the security of the home.

Louvered Windows

In areas that experience long periods of warm weather, windows with an air louver are common ways to allow fresh air in on a regular basis. Windows with installed louvers typically have a hand crank; however, newer window styles are available with adjustable push button louvers that are motor driven. The louvers are made from double paned glass so when the window is closed there isn't a risk of outside elements entering the area or when the weather is chilly, the double panes keep the room warm.